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SynviZion was founded on a vision that was derived from the medical industry and the movie and special effects industry coming together to create First Ever Hyper realistic training modules that replace cadaver use and enhance subpar plastic and silicon training modules used currently.

Endoscopic Vessel Harvesting, or EVH, is utilized to obtain a radial artery or saphenous vein through a minimal incision to be used for a bypass conduit in open heart surgery. The training methods traditionally use cadaver arms and legs to include plastic training models and tubes.  Unfortunately, this method truly does not prepare an individual proficiently.

 There is a better way, Medical Device engineers have been designing these sub-par training systems for decades, and cadaver use has presented companies with substantial cost for single use cadaver, dehydrated, and inconsistent cadaver parts. SynviZion goes outside the by working with movie industry professionals.  The goal is to achieve training models that mimics real human anatomy from skin to vessel, not models made from salt, water, silicon, and plastic.  Through extensive months of research and development we have achieved just that.

Synvizion is on the cusp of completing the first ever hyper realistic synthetic human arm trainer for Endoscopic Radial artery Harvesting (ERAH). Having completed the R & D segment, we are seeking funding to complete and produce the finished product.

The economic impact the Z-Rad and Z-Saph models will have on the industry will be substantial.  Z-Rad model alone will have a $1.5-2 million earning capacity in its first year and pass on savings to cadaver usage by related organizations up to $300,000 for each organization. The Z-Saph system could possibly multiply those numbers 3-fold.

The current model focused on is the Z-Rad.  The Z-Rad consists of a hyper realistic synthetic arm with replaceable inserts which are the working elements of the system. 

The hyper realistic models being developed by SynviZion give real life training experience.

SynviZion training models replicate realism which gives the trainee the highest impact on training prior to transitioning to actual patients.

The endoscopic vein and artery harvesting systems have developed and improved substantially over the past 25 years, but unfortunately the training methods have remained the same. Cadaver use is still an industry standard, but unfortunately there are many flaws such as cost, single use, inconsistent body parts, disposal, and biological impact.

Non-Clinical training aids consist from plastic tubes, square silicone training pods, there is no realism whatsoever.

 All of our prototypes are created in house by Break All Productions. With Break All Productions on our team we are able to offer substantial rewards from custom design and fabrication to video editing and animation. Break All Productions provides special effects props and prosthetics to the movie industry as well as signage and custom sets to the events industry. Check out what Break All Productions can offer you HERE

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